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Million Dollar Decorator Wall Mural

Daisy Fuentes muralo, wall mural, Martin Lawrence Bullard, Million DOllar Decorator, BravoTV

Wall Mural for Daisy Fuentes

Each week The Design Diva re-creates one of the completed rooms from Million Dollar Decorator so you can have a similar room at a fraction of the cost. Unfortunately, Episode 6 did not complete anything. Since so many people loved Daisy Fuentes‘ wall mural on Episode 5, we are going to share some sources for wall murals and 10 Easy Steps for successful installation in your own home.



wall mural, brooklyn bridge, million dollar decorator, BravoTV

Brooklyn Bridge Mural

One source for an extensive selection of inexpensive wall murals is Mural Superstore, which was also featured on HGTVBravo’s Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, and ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover. If you’ve ever wished you could afford a New York City skyline view, or you dream of owning a beach house, you can create either illusion for under $75. If you are decorating a “Man Cave” and your man is a baseball fan, he can feel like he is hanging out at the World Champion San Fransisco Giants Stadium with the misty San Francisco bay on the horizon.

beatrice potter mural, child's mural, million dollar decorator, BravoTV

Customizable Wall Mural

Another great source for wall murals is Murals Your Way. What makes them different is their ability for customization. If you are decorating a child’s room, they can add his or her name to it. If you have a unique area you want to cover, they can customize the mural size. If, like Daisy Fuentes and Martyn Lawrence Bullard on Million Dollar Decorator, you have a great picture you love, they can transform it into a wall mural. Plus, you have your choice of getting your mural printed on traditional vinyl, artist-quality canvas, or made as a peel and stick, repositionable wallcovering. The options are endless!

Now that you know where to get your mural, here are 10 easy steps for successful installation of it:

  1. Determine what size you want your mural to be. Do you want it from corner to corner or just a section of the wall like Daisy Fuentes?
  2. Remove outlet covers, switch plates, picture hangers, and nails. Fill holes with spackle and allow to dry.
  3. Sand area to be covered. A smooth wall assures the best results.
  4. Prime the area with wallpaper primer. This will make it easier to slide the panels to their correct position.
  5. Layout panels in their proper order and number them to be sure they get hung in the correct position.
  6. Make a level guideline for where you want the right edge of the first panel to hang. This is the most critical part of installation, since the accuracy of the first panel will determine how well the entire mural will look.
  7. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for pasting and hanging, or using the peel and stick backing.
  8. Be sure to smooth out all air bubbles and wrinkles starting at the center and working your way outwards.
  9. After all panels are hung, use a straight edge and sharp blade to trim the tops and bottoms of panels. Be sure to change your blade frequently to assure a clean cut.
  10. If using paste, be sure to remove any excess paste from the surface of the mural with a clean, damp sponge.

Now your room has the style of a Hollywood star, at a fraction of the cost!

eiffel tower mural, wall mural, million dollar decorator, BravoTV

Eiffel Tower Mural

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Barbara Green is The Design Diva and owner of Sensibly Chic Interior Design. Follow on Twitter @thedesigndiva.


Million Dollar Decorator does Daisy Fuentes

Daisy Fuentes living room, Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Million Dollar Decorators

Daisy Fuentes' Living Room

Episode 5 had Million Dollar Decorator to the Stars, Martyn Lawrence Bullard, designing a living room for celebrity Daisy Fuentes. He had a blank canvas to start with, and the end result was simple yet dramatic, elegant yet comfortable. He never mentioned the total cost, but I suspect it was over $50,000.

area rug, circle pattern area rug

Area Rug

The area rug alone was $25,000. Here is a really good substitute for only $447. Bullard had a custom wall mural made from a photo of Cuban architecture. The price was not quoted, but I am sure it was in the thousands of dollars. It was very large and made quite a statement. I found an in-stock wall mural for $300. Although it features architecture of Spain, it has the same sepia tones and similar size. Daisy Fuentes chose the mural because Cuba has significance to her. There are thousands of murals available, so select a subject that is meaningful to you.

Another dramatic element to the room is the mirror wall art over the mantle. Bullard paid $15,000 for it, but in The Design Diva’s other blog “Save or Splurge” we show you how to recreate it for under $200.

sofa, velcet sofa, mocah velvet sofa, million dollar decorator

Mocha Velvet Sofa

Now we move on to the furniture. A contemporary sofa with straight lines was used, and our option is similarly styled but at an affordable price of $510.  Across from the sofa are two large, round brown velvet armchairs. We have found smaller chairs that still have a round shape, but these will probably fit better in an average sized room for a mere $399 each.

Our substitute for the coffee table is the same shape, and has visual interest from the linear slate insets. While it is a

slate coffee table, coffee table, million dollar decorator

Wood and Slate Coffee Table

different color, the low price of $232 and the fact that the colors will tie together the other furniture pieces makes it a winner. The round end table in the photo looks like a burled wood drum table. We found a round wood table that, while not burled, still has some detail to the top and only cost $159.

The room has minimal accessories. On the back wall is a dark piece of art. We went with an art canvas that is still neutral in color and reinforces the circle pattern from the rug. On the floor below the art is a tall vase, and we found a perfect substitute for only $80.

The time to add everything up is here! The total cost to recreate this room was $2925. It was easy to do, since every item on the list was found on Once again, High End Looks for Less proves that great design can be created on a budget. Now you can live like a celebrity, but at a fraction of the cost.

Like what you’ve read? Please share it with your followers. Also please check out our other blogs “Save or Splurge” and “Ask the Design Diva.”

If you have a room you would like re-created affordably, please leave a comment below or email @

Barbara Green is The Design Diva and owner of Sensibly Chic Interior Design. Follow on Twitter @thedesigndiva.