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Decorating a Den with Moroccan Style

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Palm D'OR Suite


Martin Lawrence Bullard was back on Million Dollar Decorator doing what he does best: decorating incredible rooms. This time it was the Palm D’Or Suite at the Colony Palms Hotel in Palm Springs, CA. He wasn’t thrilled with his $50,000 budget, but he still worked his magic and came up with a bold, colorful, and inviting decor. Today’s affordable re-creation will focus on the den. Future posts will de-construct both the living room and the bedroom.

First he had the wainscotting painted a rich red, which is a cheap and easy way to instantly transform the look of the room. Using a yardstick, a roll of painter’s tape and a can of paint, you can do this in your home for under $30.

Cher bed, daybed, sofa, couch

Daybed for Sofa base

The centerpiece of the room is the gorgeous sofa, originally designed for Cher. It cost approx. $10,000, but you can create a similar look by using a daybed covered in pillows. I found a daybed with finials on all four corners, to simulate the decorative turned-wood legs on the original. This one is only $579 including the mattress! Cover the mattress in a slipcover, or if you are really inept and promise not to show anyone, use duck tape and fabric to wrap the mattress like a present. To complete the look, toss on a collection of pillows from Homegoods. I am budgeting $200 for the pillows, but if you have a curmudgeonly husband who complains about too many pillow, you’ll probably spend less. Just make sure you use enough to make it comfortable and inviting.

Moroccan Tables, table. end table

Moroccan End Tables

Next, instead of using a single coffee table, Bullard used a collection of Moroccan end tables. The variety in their heights and widths makes it a very interesting arrangement. Berber Trading has the lowest prices I’ve seen for Moroccan tables, with some as low as $74 each. During the episode he complained of the tables sometimes looking too brightly colored, but at this price, it is worth your time to add black paint to some glaze and give the tables a quick coating to tone the colors down.

table lamp, million dollar decorator, moroccan lamp

Lamp with Patterned Lamp Shade


At the far end of the sofa is an end table with a lamp. The selection to the right would look great, particularly since our daybed is black. The patterned lampshade gives the same exotic feel, but these lampshades are available in a myriad of patterns to go with whatever fabrics and colors you decide to use.

In the corner is a leather club chair. has many to choose from in the $300 – 500 range. The one I selected was only $300.

The final touch was the wall art, which was actually framed fabric. You can remove the cardboard backing of an oversized black picture frame, wrap it with fabric (trusty duck tape works like a charm again to keep it in place) and then re-assemble the frame. Select any fabric to go with your decor, and if you shop the remnant table you can create both large pieces of art for about $80.

Our total for everything needed to re-create the Exotic den in the Palm D’Or Suite at the Colony Palms Hotel is $2013. That is affordable on just about anyone’s budget.

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Million Dollar Decorator Wall Mural

Daisy Fuentes muralo, wall mural, Martin Lawrence Bullard, Million DOllar Decorator, BravoTV

Wall Mural for Daisy Fuentes

Each week The Design Diva re-creates one of the completed rooms from Million Dollar Decorator so you can have a similar room at a fraction of the cost. Unfortunately, Episode 6 did not complete anything. Since so many people loved Daisy Fuentes‘ wall mural on Episode 5, we are going to share some sources for wall murals and 10 Easy Steps for successful installation in your own home.



wall mural, brooklyn bridge, million dollar decorator, BravoTV

Brooklyn Bridge Mural

One source for an extensive selection of inexpensive wall murals is Mural Superstore, which was also featured on HGTVBravo’s Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, and ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover. If you’ve ever wished you could afford a New York City skyline view, or you dream of owning a beach house, you can create either illusion for under $75. If you are decorating a “Man Cave” and your man is a baseball fan, he can feel like he is hanging out at the World Champion San Fransisco Giants Stadium with the misty San Francisco bay on the horizon.

beatrice potter mural, child's mural, million dollar decorator, BravoTV

Customizable Wall Mural

Another great source for wall murals is Murals Your Way. What makes them different is their ability for customization. If you are decorating a child’s room, they can add his or her name to it. If you have a unique area you want to cover, they can customize the mural size. If, like Daisy Fuentes and Martyn Lawrence Bullard on Million Dollar Decorator, you have a great picture you love, they can transform it into a wall mural. Plus, you have your choice of getting your mural printed on traditional vinyl, artist-quality canvas, or made as a peel and stick, repositionable wallcovering. The options are endless!

Now that you know where to get your mural, here are 10 easy steps for successful installation of it:

  1. Determine what size you want your mural to be. Do you want it from corner to corner or just a section of the wall like Daisy Fuentes?
  2. Remove outlet covers, switch plates, picture hangers, and nails. Fill holes with spackle and allow to dry.
  3. Sand area to be covered. A smooth wall assures the best results.
  4. Prime the area with wallpaper primer. This will make it easier to slide the panels to their correct position.
  5. Layout panels in their proper order and number them to be sure they get hung in the correct position.
  6. Make a level guideline for where you want the right edge of the first panel to hang. This is the most critical part of installation, since the accuracy of the first panel will determine how well the entire mural will look.
  7. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for pasting and hanging, or using the peel and stick backing.
  8. Be sure to smooth out all air bubbles and wrinkles starting at the center and working your way outwards.
  9. After all panels are hung, use a straight edge and sharp blade to trim the tops and bottoms of panels. Be sure to change your blade frequently to assure a clean cut.
  10. If using paste, be sure to remove any excess paste from the surface of the mural with a clean, damp sponge.

Now your room has the style of a Hollywood star, at a fraction of the cost!

eiffel tower mural, wall mural, million dollar decorator, BravoTV

Eiffel Tower Mural

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Million Dollar Decorator does Daisy Fuentes

Daisy Fuentes living room, Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Million Dollar Decorators

Daisy Fuentes' Living Room

Episode 5 had Million Dollar Decorator to the Stars, Martyn Lawrence Bullard, designing a living room for celebrity Daisy Fuentes. He had a blank canvas to start with, and the end result was simple yet dramatic, elegant yet comfortable. He never mentioned the total cost, but I suspect it was over $50,000.

area rug, circle pattern area rug

Area Rug

The area rug alone was $25,000. Here is a really good substitute for only $447. Bullard had a custom wall mural made from a photo of Cuban architecture. The price was not quoted, but I am sure it was in the thousands of dollars. It was very large and made quite a statement. I found an in-stock wall mural for $300. Although it features architecture of Spain, it has the same sepia tones and similar size. Daisy Fuentes chose the mural because Cuba has significance to her. There are thousands of murals available, so select a subject that is meaningful to you.

Another dramatic element to the room is the mirror wall art over the mantle. Bullard paid $15,000 for it, but in The Design Diva’s other blog “Save or Splurge” we show you how to recreate it for under $200.

sofa, velcet sofa, mocah velvet sofa, million dollar decorator

Mocha Velvet Sofa

Now we move on to the furniture. A contemporary sofa with straight lines was used, and our option is similarly styled but at an affordable price of $510.  Across from the sofa are two large, round brown velvet armchairs. We have found smaller chairs that still have a round shape, but these will probably fit better in an average sized room for a mere $399 each.

Our substitute for the coffee table is the same shape, and has visual interest from the linear slate insets. While it is a

slate coffee table, coffee table, million dollar decorator

Wood and Slate Coffee Table

different color, the low price of $232 and the fact that the colors will tie together the other furniture pieces makes it a winner. The round end table in the photo looks like a burled wood drum table. We found a round wood table that, while not burled, still has some detail to the top and only cost $159.

The room has minimal accessories. On the back wall is a dark piece of art. We went with an art canvas that is still neutral in color and reinforces the circle pattern from the rug. On the floor below the art is a tall vase, and we found a perfect substitute for only $80.

The time to add everything up is here! The total cost to recreate this room was $2925. It was easy to do, since every item on the list was found on Once again, High End Looks for Less proves that great design can be created on a budget. Now you can live like a celebrity, but at a fraction of the cost.

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Barbara Green is The Design Diva and owner of Sensibly Chic Interior Design. Follow on Twitter @thedesigndiva.

Million Dollar Decorator Black and White Home Office

million dollar decorator, black and white office, Mary McDonald

Office by Mary McDonald

The latest episode of BravoTV‘s Million Dollar Decorator featured Mary McDonald creating a black and white home office out of a client’s empty room. The client did not specify a budget, and McDonald was pretty quiet about what she was spending, so I can only imagine what the entire project cost. The only figure we have for sure was the cost of  the painted floor, which was $8000. I suspect we will re-create the entire room for less than half that. The custom-painted floor is the foundation for the room design, and as long as you have some time,  three gallons of paint, and some painter’s tape it can be created for under $100. You can repeat the zigzag pattern, or design the unique pattern of your choice.

desk, office desk, white desk

Coaster Office Desk

The most important part of a home office is the desk. The one I found doesn’t have the black leather top, but it does have interesting legs, more drawer space, and is a bargain for only $359. To give the weight of the black leather top, use a black desk pad, which is only $30. The second most important part of the office is a comfortable chair. I found a great reproduction, pictured below, for only $207! At home, carefully paint the exposed wood gold.

black armchair, office chair, chair, armchair

Black Armchair

A big switch was made for the two guest chairs, but before you complain about not holding true to true to the original design, please remember that if you make your guest chairs too comfortable they’ll never leave and you’ll never get any work done. We are instead  substituting simple black chairs with elegant nailhead trim. Do paint the exposed wood white before placing them in the room. Both chairs cost only $178, a fraction of what just one of the original guest chairs would cost.

bookends, gold bookends, fleur de lis

Fleur De Lis Bookends

On top of the desk is a pair of gold buffet lamps for $100, but replace the small red shades with larger black shades for an additional $60. The bookends are gold Fleur De Lis and a bargain at $15. The black vase for $50 is a different shape, but it has gold accents, which refers back to the desk chair,  lamps, and bookends. To finish off the desk area is an elegant black planter, also with gold accents, for $97. Instead of filling it with cut flowers, use a living plant, $5, to save money and serve as your own personal air purifier.

Drapes, draperies, curtains

Black and Tan Damask Drapes

The wall of french doors features gorgeous black and white striped drapes that I’m sure cost a King’s Ransom. I found draperies with a tan background (pulls in one of the floor colors) and a black damask pattern. It is not a stripe, but it does add drama and elegance to the room and cost only $184 for two pairs. The black rods and rings are available at Lowe’s for $80 for two sets.

Next we’ll address the wall of pictures. This is where you can really save big! Search garage sales, flea markets, or charity shops such as Goodwill, Salvation Army, or Habitat for Humanity ReStore for an assortment of frames. This room had 11 frames, but you should select the quantity based on your own room’s dimensions. Unify them by spray painting them all black and fill with your own photos which can be sized or converted to black and white by your local printer. Alternatively, you can frame pages from an art or photography book, a piece of fabric, or sheet of wallpaper.

pillows, decorator pillows, decorative pillows

Pillow for Pop of Color

Lastly, a pop of color is created from  brightly colored pillows, which can be found for under $40 for the pair at your local Marhsalls, TJMaxx, or  Homegoods store. Do not use a neckroll as pictured because it will fall through the back of the chair. Look for a large square pillow instead.

Now we get to my favorite part of the blog, adding up the items and comparing it to the original cost. The mathematicians out there probably have the total in their head, but for the rest of you, the grand total came to only $1505. That is less than one quarter of what was paid just for the painted floor. It does not include the cost of the wall of art, because you can spend as little as $50 or as much as $200, it just depends on your scavenger skills. It’s exciting to see how low we can go, and this one even surprised me!

If you have a high-end room you would like re-created for less, please submit it in the comments section, or email a picture to

Barbara Green is The Design Diva and owner of Sensibly Chic Interior Design. Follow her on twitter @thedesigndiva.

Money Can’t Buy You Style

living room, Kathryn Ireland, Million Dollar Decorator, Shannon Factor

Shannon Factor's Living Room by Kathryn Ireland

Fans of BravoTV‘s Real Housewives of New York will remember Countess LuAnn’s memorable song “Money Can’t Buy You Class,” but in this week’s Million Dollar Decorator her song could easily be re-recorded as “Money Can’t Buy You Style.” Shannon Factor, an heir to the Max Factor cosmetics empire, spent millions on furnishing for her home, but needed the assistance of Kathryn Ireland to make sense of it all, teaching Shannon that more is not always more.

area rug, navy and white rug

Navy and White Rug from Home Decorator's Collection

The room turned out beautifully, with a clean blue and white palette. Let’s see how you might be able to recreate the look, but on a much smaller budget. Keep in mind, we will not be shopping Europe, like Factor did, but instead shopping the internet, saving on airfare and pricey antiques. Let’s start out with a large area rug in navy and white to anchor the space. Ours is from Home Decorator’s Collection and retails for $869.

Next we will add the seating, which includes two tufted, Chesterfield-style arm chairs and two white sofas. I found luxurious leather Chesterfield chairs for $999 each, and two white sofas for for $1039 each. The great part about this sofa is that it comes with an assortment of colorful pillows, which is one thing Kathryn Ireland’s designs are known for, without adding an extra expense to the room design.

Upholstered Ottoman, round ottoman, velvet ottoman

Armen Round Ottoman

Completing the seating area is a round, tufted ottoman and two round end tables. I found a blue velvet ottoman by Armen for only $207. It doesn’t have as many tufts, but I prefer the simplicity of it better anyway. Paxton makes an affordable end table with similar curving legs for only $250 each.

The last piece of furniture is the antique china cabinet. I found an elegant reproduction by Broyhill which costs $1619.

The mantle features a rectangular mirror, two brass candlesticks, two vases, two decorative items (too small for me to figure out what they are !) and a clock. I found a good mirror substitute for $152 at LampsPlus (simply hang it horizontally instead of vertically),  a pair of brass candlesticks for $100 at Touch of Class, blue and white porcelain vases for $59 each and a mantle clock with brass accents for $107, both at The finishing touch for any room are the window treatments, and I found great-looking blue striped curtains at Target for only $116 for four,  along with two nickel-finish rods for $28. The inspiration room’s drapes are patterned, but combining the stripes with the patterned rug and solid furniture will look really sharp!

mantle clock, mahogany clock

Mahogany Mantle Clock

The grand total for all of these items is $7892. It’s not affordable for all budgets, but in a typical home you won’t have room for two large sofas AND two large armchairs, so to furnish an “average sized” living room, it would cost much less.  If you do have this large of a living room,  our cost is certainly an improvement over the millions of dollars spent by Shannon Factor.

Do you have a picture of a room you’d like to recreate on a budget? Leave a comment and we’ll try to help you out!

Barbara Green is The Design Diva and owner of Sensibly Chic Interior Design. Follow her on Twitter @thedesigndiva.

Million Dollar Decorating Bedroom Design

bedding, bamboo bedding

Bamboo Bedding


On BravoTV’s  Million Dollar Decorator, Mary McDonald decorated a guest house with a budget of $100,000. When the divorcing homeowner requested reducing the decorating budget to $50K McDonald refused, and said she wouldn’t have taken the job for ONLY $50,000. The completed project was beautiful, but as usual, High End Looks for Less will take it apart and see what dollar amount we come up with!


The bed should always be the centerpiece, and this one features an upholstered headboard, white bedding, and brown decorative pillows. We found a great headboard at for $250, silky white duvet, sheets, and pillow cases all made from eco-friendly bamboo  for $360, and a brown quilt for the end of the bed for the bargain price of $25. Rounding out the bed area are two benches for the foot of the bed from Home Decorators Collection at $99 each. On the wall is a round mirror  for $154, and a set of  two framed prints from art4cheap at only $40 for the pair.

Striped vase, decorative vase, striped pottery, decorative pottery

Striped Vase


Next we move to the seating area, consisting of a brown loveseat for $638, two wicker armchairs at $59 each, two bookshelves at $99 each, two bunching coffee tables at $87 each, two striped vases at $115 for both, assorted white vases for $17 each, 6 decorative pillows for $18 each, an assortment of wicker baskets for $15 each, a large, framed print at $185, and a zebra rug at $393.

Dining Table, square table, expandable table

Wood Table from IKEA


The last area to furnish is the dining/desk area which consists of a square wood dining table found at IKEA for only $149, a beautiful leather upholstered chair for $249, chunky wood candle holders from Pier 1 Imports at $40 for the pair, a fresh potted orchid for $40, and some tiny vases. Ours is a set of five for only $29.


So with all this bargain shopping online, did we come anywhere near Mary McDonald’s $100,000 budget? Of course not!The High End Looks for Less  grand total comes in at the paltry sum of $3593.  If you thought high style required a high budget,  Sensibly Chic Interior Design and High End Looks for Less are sure to change your mind!

Celebrity Living Room for Less

zebra print rug, black and white rug, safari rug, area rug

Mossa Zebra Area Rug

Million Dollar Decorator on BravoTV featured Martyn Lawrence Bullard’s speedy decorating of Sharon Osborne’s new Hollywood apartment. In record time he did an awesome job, but at a startlingly high cost.

If you want the look but don’t have the budget, High End Looks for Less has affordable options to create the look in your own home.

Sharon Osborne’s living room is a simple  study in black and white design. The beauty comes from the play of interesting shapes, patterns, and  silhouettes.

The most eye-catching detail is the zebra-print rug.  The Mossa Zebra Rug pictured at left will give the same foundational drama to your room, but only costs $529.

The most important part of a functional living room is the sofa. It needs to be both comfortable and durable.

black sectional, black sofa, black leather sofa, black leather couch

Diamond "Valentino" Sofa

Celebrities have been known to spend as much as $25,000 on a sofa, but I found a wonderful substitute by Diamond,the black leather “Valentino” with chrome legs for only $1859. It has an angular shape like the Osborne’s, but looks even more cushy and comfortable.

Next to the sofa is a traditional footlocker serving as an end table. I like the trunk below for its modern look and textural interest. It does double duty as an end table and extra storage for a mere $132!

black trunk, black coffee table, black storage coffee table, black leather trunk

Black Faux-leather Trunk

Opposite the sofa is a contemporary buffet with some sculptural lamps on top. Look for a deep espresso or black finish, with coordinating lamps.

Modern buffet, espresso buffet, Zocalo buffet

Zocalo "Madison" Buffet

This buffet is made of solid wood, but is still a bargain at $770.

Modern lamp, table lamp

Modern Lamp

The Osborne’s lamp is an “X” shape, but our subsitute is “U” shaped. While different, we retained the geometric nature and the sculptural visual effect  it provides for an affordable $261.

The final pieces needed to furnish the living room are the antique chairs. They were a source of controversy after the episode, as Bullard quoted the chairs  as “antique Eames chairs“, when in fact they were Barcelona chairs by Mies Van Der Rohe. Here is brand new reproduction that will fill in nicely for only $1138.

barcelona chair, modern chair, brown leather chair

Barcelona Chair

Accessories were kept sparse and simple. Artwork on the wall consists of photographs, all presented identically with white mats and black frames. This is an easy project for a do-it-yourselfer with black and white photos or pictures cut out of books.

If you have a room you want made over affordably, send a picture to and perhaps we will feature it!

Bedroom Inspired by BravoTV

upholstered bed, velvet upholstered bed

Tufted Velvet Bed

If you love the Hollywood bedroom that was designed for Sharon Osborne by Martyn Lawrence Bullard you are in luck! High End Looks for Less shows you affordable options so you can create this designer look for yourself. While the upholstered bed at left isn’t as heavily tufted as Sharon Osborne’s bed on Million Dollar Decorator, at only $299 it costs a fraction of what hers did. The bedding featured on top of the mattress was an elegant white duvet with black detailing. Celebrity designers will spend thousands of dollars on bedding, but you can replicate the look with this smart duvet set from Again, I am not pretending the quality will be anywhere near Osborne’s, but the price is merely $69.99! Remember to add a soft black throw at the foot of the bed (available anywhere for about $20) for an extra luxury.

white duvet, white bedding

White Duvet wtih Black Border

Bullard also boasted of the $25,000 he was spending on the area rug for underneath the bed. Frankly, I would never spend that on a rug, especially if most of it was going to be covered by the bed!

black and gold rug, gold and black rug, area rug

Kathy Ireland Area Rug

For a similar look, why not go with this beautiful rug by Kathy Ireland for $1600. It features the same black background with a gold pattern swirling about. It is not exactly the same, but the style is close enough to make it work.

The final touch is the pair of lamps on the nightstands. They serve as a bit of jewelry for the room. Bullard’s lamps have graduating brushed chrome orbs with a black shade.  If you don’t mind all the orbs being the same diameter you can buy a pair of them for only $140 at LampsPlus.

brushed chrome lamps, brushed chrome table lamp, brushed chrome orb

Pair of Brushed Chrome Orb Lamps

To customize the look, simply swap out the white shades for black shades at a cost of $30 per shade. Now you can live like Sharon Osborne, but for a lot less!

If you have a room you want made affordable, send us a picture and we will do it!